Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Mid Cap Stocks

            Where most of my success has come from is from stocks under 10 dollars but occasionally I do dip my feet in mid cap stocks. The reason why it does not happen often is because you need to have a boat load of money to make as much money as you can when you invest in the ones I do. The problem is that the ones I deal with have way more risk than those that cost more, but even I’m sane enough to stay away from sub penny stocks.
            But for the sake of talking about these mid caps, if you have a bigger bankroll then these may be easier to buy for you and give you a bigger piece of mind. Most often, these stocks have less volatility and will be investments for the long term. There are disagreements on chat boards over which are the best midcap stocks for long term and there will continue to be, and you won’t find that here. I’m not here to give you financial advice.
            What any person in the market would tell you is to build a portfolio of stocks that are in a field that interest you because it’ll be a lot easier for you to know that market and make the best investment according to you. For instance, let’s say video games are what interest you most, when Take Two (the publisher of Rockstar games) announced that Grand Theft Auto V would be delayed a couple of months, the price of the stock dropped immensely. But wouldn’t it be obvious to you, as a video game fan, to know that the pre-orders of that game were set to break all records in terms of sales? Those who invested when the stock dropped because of fear and not logic made an incredible amount of money once the sales numbers were released. This is how you have to think when investing in bigger and more legitimate companies.

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